About Balchik
The Thracians are the first settlers of the lands
Balchik is located at 29 km north from Varna and has 14 000 inhabitants. This picturesque little town rises terrace-like above the sea and attracts the eye with its whitewashed houses.
At the beginning of the 20th c Romanian queen Maria, spellbound by the charm of this place, ordered her favourite summer residence to be built by the sea and established the renowned Botanic garden, the largest on the Balkans and second largest in the world.
Romantic air is all around: walks along the beach, small secret lanes by the mosque, fishing boats and yachts anchored at the marina.
Lovers of healthcare procedures would appreciate the spas of water temperature to 31° С of curative effect.
The 'Palace'
Architectural and park complex
The architectural and park complex 'Palace' is located about 2 km southwest of the center of Balchik, Dobrich district.
It is a complex of villas and other buildings situated on the Black Sea coast. After the recovery of Southern Dobrudzha in 1940, the palace fell within the boundaries of Bulgaria, and around it, the academician Daki Yordanov built a Botanical Garden on an area of 194 decares. The complex is one of the main sights of the Northern Black Sea coast and is included in the hundred national tourist sites.
Botanical Garden of Balchik
Established in 1955
The University Botanical Garden in Balchik was established in 1955 on the territory of the park in the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Mary. Today, it occupies an area of about 65 acres and has the second largest collection of large-sized cactuses in Europe after Monaco. The intriguing story combined with the magnificent landscape architecture makes the place unique as a spirit and atmosphere.
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